My digital approach and how it can help you grow your footprint

Digital Approach

In a letter of recommendation a former co-worker — and my all-time favorite Network Engineer — Tim Byers wrote, “Amy lives to learn and learns to create.” Those few words sum up my overall strategy and how I can offer the most value to you, your mission, or your business.

Amy Stark's Reality

Stark ReAlity Check

Specific Services

Here is a list of services I offer that I LOVE to provide because they closely match my unique talents, and I’m exceptionally good at delivering results (in no particular order):

  • Speaking to various groups, businesses, and individuals about leveraging the power of digital communications.**

Converse and Connect with your Customers using Social Media

  • Reviewing a personal or professional digital presence, designing a custom digital strategy, then setting up a publication process.*

    Indy Boomer Magazine

    Indy Boomer Magazine

  • Designing digital and live events — webinars, unconferences, educational events, competitions, etc. 


    Inaugural Unconference

  • Creating digital campaigns, contests, collaborations, then maintaining them through completion.

    Guiding visual used

    Indiana Social Media Summit

  • Growing digital communities organically.

    Across the Arts - Writer's Symposium

    Across the Arts – Writer’s Symposium

*This requires someone internally who can devote their time to the learning curve, and then maintain the calendar.
** I have fun creating and giving tailored presentations — using my flair and experience in the arts to convey brand messages.

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