Nominee Update INdiana SMackdown 10

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Click here to nominate a worthy INdividual for #INdiana’s 2nd Annual Social Media Summit and SMackdown Event! closed!

Click Here for a List of Social Media Peeps who are INeligible to appear on the final ballot.

As of MIDNIGHT December 15, 2010 Nominations are officially CLOSED!

Nominations do NOT guarantee a place on the final ballot.**  If you are nominated for more than one category you MUST post a comment below stating which category you prefer OR send an @mention to @AmyStark on twitter with your preference. For Example: Casey B. Mullins ( @mooshinindy ) appears in Most Influential Dame, Up & Comer and Nicest.  Her name may ONLY appear in one of these categories. If a category is not selected one will be selected for her.

Most Influential Dames Nominated:

Lorraine Ball

Lauren Fiedler

Saundra Hadley

Elizabeth Cecconi

Nicole Misenick

Julie Perry

Diane Brooks

Mary Biever

Lindsay Manfredi

Nancy Myrland

Dana M. Nelson

Stephanie Daily

Jillian Koeneman

Sara Croft

Heather Schoegler

Casey B. Mullins

Most Influential Dudes Nominated:

Ryan Martin

Scott Howard

Anthony Juliano

Ryan Martin

Dave Woodson

Muhammad Yasin

Chris Theisen

Keith Bansemer

Kyle Lacy

Jerry Richardson

Jim Petrie

Butler Blue2

BG Kahuna

William Merkel

Barry Skalski

Douglas Karr

Chuck Gose

Bob Burchfield

Ryan Cox

Rocky Walls

Most Influential UP & Comers Nominated:

Susan Davis

Stephanie Daily

Muhammad Yasin

Andrew Hoffman

Casey Valiant

Casey B Mullins

Paul Poteet

Josh Humble

El Pacero

Chantelle Flannery

Jeff Vanasdal

Rob Rohena

Steve Shattuck

Sara Croft

Chris Theisen

TweetUp Michiana

Allison Carter

Jay Mattingly

Kyle Lacy

Chad Pollitt

Ryan Cox

Jen Crutchfield

Chris Sanderson

Taylor Brough

#Indiana’s Nicest Social Media Peeps Nominated:

Richard Orelup

Cherie Lowe

Kevin Mullett

Rodger Johnson

Derek Pillie

Lindsay Manfredi

Will Hardison

Debbie Valiant

Edgar Diaz

Stephanie Krol

Jillian Koeneman

Nancy Myrland

Kelly Karrmann

Aaron Craig

Evan Finch

Jenn Lisak

Duncan Alney

Cory Shutters

Stephanie Daily

Robby Slaughter

Jean Bansemer

Kari Hulse

Doug Theis

Casey B. Mullins

Shawn Quick-Raflik

Annie Zoll

#Indiana’s Grooviest Social Media Campaigns nominated:

West Coast Tacos

Jan Dye

Wendy Moyle

Scott Wise

Kyle Lacy

Jake Vernon

Music Family Tree

Tina Schumacher

Steven Kelly

Fork Out

Holiday World

Hare Chevy

Jim Irsay

Judd Helms

Spearia Indy

United Way of Central #Indiana

Startup Weekend

Irvington Halloween Festival

(It would appear the category is evolving into grooviest social media campaigns OR groovy social media peeps).

#Indiana’s Most Ethical Social Media Companies nominated:

Noah Coffey

Fuzework Studios

Jodi Dean

Spearia Indy

Rob Rohena

12 Stars Media

Andrew Hoffman

Exact Target

Evansville Watch

Vicki Bohlsen

Robby Slaughter

DK New Media

Trendy Minds

Firebelly Marketing

Craig D. Crook

(Again it appears the category is evolving into most ethical social media company OR peep).

A final shout out to an #Indiana Social Media peep named Just Testing!

Someone by the name of “Just Testing” nominated ME (Amy Stark) as #Indiana’s Most Influential Dame because, “She’ll hurt me if I don’t.” This made me L right O L. Who is this Just Testing — I wonder?

**Reasons you may appear among the nominees above but not on the final ballot.

According to the rules posted in the discussion tab on the facebook page, self-nominators would be ineligible to appear on the final ballot. If you nominated yourself and someone else nominated you too, your name will appear on the ballot.

If there was no reasoning behind the nomination -at least ONE sentence for crying out loud- the nominee will not appear on the final ballot.

10 thoughts on “Nominee Update INdiana SMackdown 10

  1. Amy,

    Thanks for the nomination as both and up and comer, and as most ethical company. However, my company is DIR Incorporated. lease inform me about sponsorships for next year.

    Also, congrats to all the winners.

  2. Hello Amy – very flattered to be on the list, and glad to see this happening in Indy! Looking forward to the event shortly, and thanks for having me as a nominee –

    Josh Humble

  3. Fabulous, William, thanks for letting me know. Being nominated as an ethical company is high praise indeed! Keep an eye out on my tweet stream- that’s where I will post the link to the final ballot.

  4. Good morning Amy. I would like the nomination for: Most Ethical Social Media Companies. Thanks for all your hard work getting this together!

    William Merkel

  5. @ Andrew Thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad I got to meet you — virtually — as a result of the SMackdown!

    @ Muhammad – I just learned about you too because of this Event. I look forward to getting to know you better. =)

    @ Jan – awww I wish you were standing here right now so I could give you a hug.

  6. Amy, I am very excited about being on this list!!! Can you please check the link to my twitter account. It seems to be traying to go to a page instead of @daynurseryindy

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