Tweeter’s Almanac

2009 First Edition

Tweeter’s Almanac by Amy Stark

Twitter is a platform on which digital grassroots conversations occur in real time. Every tweeter (a twitter user) participates on at least one other Social Media site making twitter an ┼▒ber Social Media platform. Ideas that spread virally on twitter quickly show up on virtually every other social networking site. It’s the largest bridging social capital group in the recorded history of our species.

#TweetersAlmanac is a twitter primer to help build your personal or professional brand. It is filled with down-home short stories and a tremendous compilation of pithy sayings and wise quotes that are tweet sized so you never have to wonder, “Ok I set up my twitter account, but I have no idea what to tweet.”

It’s ideal for:

-BABY-BOOMERS who want to understand Social Media and how it affects the way information and news is disseminated.

-COLLECTORS of QUOTES from influential thinkers like: Aristotle, Voltaire, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Groucho Marx.

NOT-FOR-PROFIT organizations that are good stewards of donations received.

FOR-PROFIT organizations that struggle with transparency and must learn how to be authentic without divulging trade secrets.

SOCIOLOGISTS who want to participate in the world’s largest bridging social-capital group EVER!

If you prefer to download a copy without paying me some attention Click this Link.

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